Sunday, December 10, 2006

Miami Vice


Miami Vice was way better then I expected it to be. I need to catch more of Michael Mann's films; I think all I've seen is this and Collateral, both starring an actor I hate - Jaime Foxx - and both which I ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would. (Specifically, I really want to see Manhunter, and feel deep shame I haven't yet.)

But I don't get why this movie got knocked around when it was released; it's been a very long time since I've seen any of the television show, but the movie never once made the show come to mind, which I'm taking as a good thing. And it was gorgeously shot. I could've done with maybe one less elongated gunfight, and I was actually not even watching the screen when the movie ended, because it kinda just... ended... completely when I wasn't expecting it to. But I liked that it did (once I rewound it and watched it end), and that it didn't draw the story out even further into 2+ hours territory.

If I were handing out awards, I'd actually want Naomie Harris to get some kind of recognition; I thought she was outstanding in a somewhat small, usually cliched, role, that came off as new and different because of her spin on it (just like what she did with her turn as the voodoo hag in Pirates 2). Maybe I still can't shake the spell she cast on me in 28 Days Later, though.

And once again, I've been re-convinced that I wish I were Gong Li. Could she be any hotter? I couldn't even understand half of the lines she was saying, but I didn't care as long as she was marching around in those Amanda Woodward skirts being fierce.

(wow that way super-gay of me... I remember Heather Locklear's Melrose character's name! Good grief!)

But anyway - I really oughtn't write reviews while slightly intoxicated - Mann makes smart, tense action movies that are beautiful to look at that don't pander to the lowest common denominator. Good stuff.



Joe R. said...

"wow that way super-gay of me... I remember Heather Locklear's Melrose character's name!"

Not to out-gay you or anything, but girl, please. I know Amanda's mother's name. If you have me a minute, I could probably produce her social security number within two digits.

Glenn Dunks said...

JA! See Heat! It's stunning, really. Plus, Pacino+DeNiro. The scene they share together is mesmerising.

I saw Miami Vice with about 10 people and they all hated it except me. They all hated Gong cause they couldn't understand her. They all hated the look of it. They all hated Colin Farrell. I quite liked it. I gave it a B- and thought the photography was great and Colin was good to. Music selections were choice, too.

I didn't understand the lambasting it got either, tbh.

Jason Adams said...

Mmmkay, you win, Joe! ;-) Her mother was who instigated that spin-off, Models Inc, right? I can't remember the actress though.

Heat's on my list, kc. I don't understand how your friends could hate the look of MV! If I hadn't enjoyed anything else, I could hardly deny how great the DV was! The lighting in that trailer park shoot-out was mesmerizing.

Jason Adams said...

Oh, also kc - I so sdhould've listened to you about Piranha 2! Unwatchable. Though I did get some hearty laughs, in between fast-forwarding, of the attack scenes. And the flying piranha bursting out of the corpses abdomen was pretty sweet.

Glenn Dunks said...

Thank you! I don't think I even watched the whole Piranha 2 thing. I'm pretty sure I turned it off cause I just didn't care enough to even see how it ended.

My friends thought MV was too deliberately shaky and weird-looking. Meh, whatever. That one shot with the blue underlit bridge was my favourite shot of the film.