Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tester Wins!

Montana is ours!

Now we're just waiting for the call in Virginia. Over at Kos they're saying VA is basically ours as well. And they've got great quotes from the Repubs about recounts - said VA's George Allen about the 2000 recount:

"We'll need to move America forward as soon as those votes are cast."

Yeah, keep that in mind today, Mr. Allen.

We got the Senate, people! I have goosebumps.

ETA - Holy crap! Rumsfeld is stepping down! Is this Christmas or what? Though Sully theorized earlier today, even before this news broke, that what could happen is Rumsfeld steps down, and Bush puts Joe Lieberman in his place as Sec. of Defense, and the Republican governor of Connecticut replaces Joe with a Republican senator, thereby equaling out the Senate. Ugh, let's hope that don't happen. Didn't happen - this fellow, Robert Gates, has been nom'd. He seems just as much of a Bush-toadie, but nobody could be as foul as Rumsfeld, right? Right?

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