Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stalker Sighting!

Apparently, as my boyfriend left our apartment building this morning, whom should be leaving at the exact same time?

Jake Ryan EEEEEE!!!

Otherwise known as actor (now turned carpenter, I believe) Michael Schoeffling - Jake Ryan was the character he played in Sixteen Candles, i.e. the ultimate dreamboat. Why was he in my building? Could he live there? Does Jake Ryan EEEEEE!!! live in my building??? I can hardly bear the thought of it.

The boyfriend expressed dismay, however, that Jake Ryan EEEEEE!!! is hardly the specimen he once was. Sigh. Why are time and age so cruel? I can take my own developing wrinkles around the eyes, my hair can go sheet-white, but Jake Ryan EEEEEE!!!? You have to go and ruin Jake Ryan EEEEEE!!!? Shame!

1 comment:

DL said...

You're so lucky. The most famous person I've ever seen is probably Vitamin C.

And that doesn't really count.