Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nevermind The Clooney

Oh... goodness. Look at this pic
from People's Sexiest Men Alive Issue:

BSG's Jamie Bamber recreating his infamous towel-scene from the show's last season... drooool... he's under their "Internet's Sexiest Guys", which I guess means the guys that geeks drool over, or whatever.

Okay, regarding their other choices - I like Clooney just fine, and I guess for their demographic he's a good choice, but he doesn't really do much for me in that way.

But they did good with their other choices - they got Jake, they got Rodrigo, they got Enrique Murciano (see below) whom I've never mentioned my crush on before - I have too many to get to them all! - but I'll be damned if he isn't the cutest kinda-monkey-looking guy on a crappy show I don't watch except when he's onscreen whilst I'm flipping the channels; and they got the Duhamel. Lock me in a room with any (or all) of these fellas, and... uh, I lost my train of thought. I also think I passed out for a few minutes. Where am I?


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