Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last Night's Lost

Head on over to Wizard for the weekly discussion of the latest (frustrating!) episode of Lost.

Loved the scene with Juliet, Jack, and the deceptive TV screen of non-Mockingbird-ness.

Wondering if they'll give the lovely Rodrigo something more than toilet-related antics any day soon.


Glenn Dunks said...

but... why did you watch American Dreamz? And why didn't you think it was the worst piece of shit you've seen in your entire life?

Jason Adams said...

Hmm, perhaps I oughta write something about that today? Just for you, G!

Jason Adams said...

Blah. I tried to write a coherent review of why I didn't hate the movie, but it wasn't coming out right. I don't know why I didn't hate the movie. I jst found myself able to get through the entire thing without ever wanting to turn the TV off. I chuckled a coupl of times. But don't get me wrong, the movie's a total mess. But it's a mess with really usually talented people trying to do something that just isn't gelling, but is sort of admirable in a misguided way. American idol just is too cheesy to successfully satirize, and trying to mesh that with something as serious as a critique of terrorism, just... no, it doesn't work. But there was Jennifer Coolidge, whom I could watch do anything - including be not very funny, apparently, cuz she really wasn't registering here - but I still just like looking at her face. And I like Mandy Moore even though I try not to. Same with Dennis Quaid. It wasn't a vile movie, it didn't offend me. It just didn't work.

Glenn Dunks said...

I like Mandy Moore too! But the whole thing was a disastrous catastrophe that was so under-researched that I gotta think that the makers just turned a camera on and made what they thought was a satire but instead was just a mean-spirited attack at something they knew absolutely nothing about.

...but that's just me I suppose. :P