Monday, November 13, 2006

Go Tilda Go

I thought I loved Tilda Swinton before, but after reading this speech I'd somehow missed before (be forewarned, it's very long, and incredibly esoteric, but delightfully so) that she gave in April at the San Francisco Film Festival (via The Cutting Room), my love for her went through the roof.

Read it, and then imagine, say, anyone who's been on the cover of US Weekly, say, ever, giving this speech, and then realize what a sorry lot of movie stars we have, compared to her.

This is her, on being perceived (somewhat rightly) as a Communist, during press for Narnia:

"But I love the idea of goose-stepping old Walt D. making over $700 million dollars with the help of a Red Witch. He is more than welcome. At least we made her whiter than white, the ultimate white supremacist, and we managed to railroad the kneejerk attempt to make her look like an Arab. And maybe, just maybe, on top of all that, Disney might have ended up underwriting the most expensive advertisement teaser for Derek Jarman's and Lynn Hershman's back catalogue that any of us could ever have imagined. Besides, I always was a believer in the essential message of the Narnia film -- in my universe, beavers CAN talk. The rampant old church that cinema is. You never can tell who's gonna jump up into the pulpit."



Sean T. Collins said...

Pretentious twaddle, with nostalgia for genocidal ol' Communism thrown in! Ugh. At least she likes Bowie.

Jason Adams said...

I'm not gonna disagree about her being pretentious, but... but... she's crazy! Entertainingly bat-shit loopy, like actresses are supposed to be. I don't want my actresses to be crazy a la J.Lo with a marriage fetish, I want them intellectually unhinged where their word-vomit never stops.

It's appropriate she mentions Grey Gardens, because she's sorta Bealesian.

Yaseen Ali said...

Yes, yes. I wish I was her kid - she'd be the coolest mom ever.