Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miss Mars, If You're Nasty

There's a delightful interview with the delightful Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars over at EW.com.

Sayeth Bell of Veronica's relationship with Logan:

"... personally I would never be with Logan. The boy slept with my friend's mom! Personally? Me, Kristen Bell? That's where I go ahead and draw the line. This is the line — and there's Logan for me. [She points to the other side of this imaginary line.] Sometimes I think the only thing I would change about Veronica is her choice in men. I would go up and slap her across the face and go, ''What were you thinking?! You could be in love with Charles Manson, but it's probably not a good idea.'' But that's me thinking about my character too realistically. For the entertainment value of the show, the bad-boy draw is wonderful, and so many people have fallen in love with that relationship because they really are star-crossed lovers. They really, really, really are NOT meant to be together, yet in another world, meant to be together."

Don't forget to watch tonight's episode, people! The show's doing okay ratings-wise, but it's walking right on the line. If it gets cancelled I will find every last one of you who didn't watch and peel your eyelids off, I promise.

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