Friday, September 01, 2006

Damn You, TBS!


Has anyone noticed how TBS plays The Mummy like a thousand times every weekend? Well I have. I find myself often being drawn into it, too.

Like last weekend, I watched a good half an hour or so for maybe the twentieth time. It's good movie to watch a little of and then flip the channel. Brendan Fraser looks adorable, all tanned and floppy-haired and tight-panted, and Rachel Weiss is always a treat, and now, only what, seven years later, the CG looks dated in an amusingly cheesy way.

Anyway, point : last night I had a dream that one of the gross little scarabs from the movie was burrowing around in the flesh of my thigh, and I had to beat it (and, consequently, my thigh) to death with a hammer.

So thanks, TBS. Thanks for that.

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