Thursday, September 14, 2006

Christian Hearts Sean


That's it. I am ordering F/X when I get home tonight. Yes, I'm easy.

From Starpulse:

"Julian McMahon shocked his Nip/Tuck co-star Dylan Walsh when he passionately kissed him on the mouth while filming a scene for the show. The pair, who play plastic surgery partners Christian Troy and Sean McNamara, were shooting a scene for a dream sequence when things got out of control.

McMahon explains, "Well, firstly, it wasn't meant to be a kiss. But I was enjoying Dylan's discomfort so much that I went for it. I've always said we should finish the show with this: Someone turns on the shower, and you see footsteps going in the back door (of Sean's house). Someone comes into the bathroom, and it's Christian visiting Sean. These are two guys who are obsessed with each other."

While McMahon claims he's sexually adventurous, he insists his co-star is a bit more conservative and was nervous about the scene. He adds jokingly, "I don't think he's ever gotten it on with a guy before."

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