Friday, August 11, 2006


Yes, I'm still watching Big Brother. I haven't spoken about it lately because there hasn't been a lot to say. Poor Kaysar went home last night, boo hoo, he's cute but lucky he's a Muslim because if he were a Xtian he would've nailed himself to the cross years ago, so strong is his sense of martyrdom.

Anyway, SHOCKING NEWS from AICN about last night's Head-of-Household competition having to be redone after the live one aired because of malfunctioning equipment!

"Many “Big Brother All-Stars” fans who went to bed Thursday night thinking bikini-loving FloatHerd member Erika was the show’s new Head of Household (as depicted on CBS’ highly rated live Thursday night broadcast) were shocked to learn via the Internet Friday morning that Erika had already been evicted from that post by “Big Brother” producers, who admitted the equipment used for that night’s HoH contest had malfunctioned.

A 1:30 a.m. ET re-do of the contest – apparently eliminating the time-factor element - gave the powerful Head of Household position instead to Janelle, a member of the rival Season-Six alliance.

At the moment, Erika is still identified as HoH on the website. The re-do contest will be broadcast on the network’s regular Sunday-night “Big Brother” telecast."

That sucks! Janelle's a tard, I'm so tired of her. I was pleased as punch that Erika got it, but no... oh well, looks like Dani or Erika will have to win this newfangled "coup d'etat" prize BB is offering and jack Janelle up.

And yes, I realize that no one has any idea what I'm talking about. Sigh. My mommy watches too! We chat on the phone about the show all the time!

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