Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Check Yourself Regularly


Missed this in the NYDN today:

Gyllenhaal's along for the ride

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong has privately confirmed speculation that Jake Gyllenhaal will portray him in a biopic.

He told sources at ESPN that Matthew McConaughey had been up to play the part, but lost out to Gyllenhaal.

"He said that's why he has been spending so much time with them both this summer," said the source.

Awww, does this mean we won't see Jake tooling around with Matty anymore? What a shame.

Anyway, Jake's a better choice than McCououghoughguhoughey but I still think ol' Ennis would make an even better fit for Armstrong.

But hey, I look at it like this: a movie about Lance Armstrong means we're gonna get a testicular self-examination scene, right? Show me the lump, Jake, show me the lump!!!

Oh that was just wrong.

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