Monday, July 31, 2006

Kidman Makes Room For Materials


I guess this makes it Officially Official?

From HR:

"Nicole Kidman is in final negotiations to star in "The Golden Compass," New Line Cinema's adaptation of the first installment of author Philip Pullman's best-selling "His Dark Materials" trilogy being directed by Chris Weitz.

Dakota Blue Richards already has been cast as Lyra, a girl who discovers she is at the heart of a hideous conspiracy and that the fate of many children rests with her. She embarks on a journey to the far north to save her best friend and encounters shape-shifting creatures, witches and a variety of otherworldly characters.

Kidman will play Mrs. Coulter, a sinister scholar and socialite with a mysterious past who has a secret link to Lyra."

I already posted about this on July 17th, but I guess it was only speculation then, and... it's for sure 100% official-like now. Mostly.

Well good enough anyway, I'm just psyched it's true because Kidman's perfect. But still no word on if it's true that Paul Bettany's playing Asriel, is there? Get on it, New Line!


RC said...

i heard this role is pretty anti-catholic, which is interesting since all the hype about her becoming catholic again w/ her marriage to keith urban.

--RC of

Jason Adams said...

The books are definitely anti-religion, but I wouldn't say it's specifically Catholicism that's attacked. It's Religion itself.

And I'm worried that that's gonna get seriously toned down for the films, because of skittish executives... I don't understand how you could make the story without that intact, though, because basically the entire point of the books is to disprove God.

In a fun, fantastical sort of way, of course.

Kidman's smart to take the role, though, if these are done well they could be really really incredible, and she's got a fantastically meaty role as Coulter.

Glenn Dunks said...

wait! There's another kid actor called Dakota?

Now that's fuckin' freaky shit!

(whoa, my word verification was, like, 15 letters long. wtf?)