Friday, June 23, 2006

Vieques, Me

Okay, so I only took about five pictures while away on vacation. And half of those are of the boyfriend, who'd kick my ass if I posted a picture of him on here (he doesn't even like me putting pics of him up in the apartment).

So, here's my entire trip to Vieques, in two pictures!

This is the view from the Fort Count of Mirasol, looking down to the ocean. It was the last fort built by the Spanish... or something. I stopped listening. This is just before the clouds tore open and spilled forth a torrent for about 24 straight hours, so... it's a bit murky.

This is me on the Black Sand Beach (yes, Playa Negro), which is - you guessed it! - a beach of black sand. Well, some black sand, it wasn't all black like it looked in the pictures we'd seen. Also, it was a total pain the ass to get to; you have to follow a riverbed for about half a mile through complete jungle, and it'd been raining some while we were there and, the riverbed? NOT dry. In fact, it was kind of a black muck. But the beach was completely deserted, and has gorgeous views. And... some black sand.

ETA here's another view of the Black Sand beach, in which I've carefully removed any trace of the boyfriend, lest I be beaten senselessly upon arriving home.

And, okay, I stole this above pic from Wikipedia, but I spent plenty of time at Navio Beach laying around not taking pictures, so I can steal this one. Heaven on Earth, people, heaven on Earth. The above pic is Navio when it's crowded. Normally it was just us.

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