Monday, June 05, 2006

Lara Through The Little Person


The following post may be a bit graphic for some of you. Just a warning in advance.

For some reason or another, I remember watching Poltergeist III numerous times in my early teens. There are bunches of random movies I seem to have watched over and over again during that period of my life, I don't know if they were played often on TV or maybe one of the few movies at the local video store I kept returning to... anyway, I've seen it far more times than the film deserves to have been seen.

Flipping through the channels this weekend, I stumbled upon the film midway through on some channel, and, not having seen it in years, decided to watch a little bit. Man, it's terrible. Poor Tom Skerritt and Nancy Allen. The evils attack a Chicago high-rise! The monsters come through the mirrors! Spooooky. Or not.

When I had watched the film as a kid, I, along with most people, wouldn't have known who Lara Flynn Boyle was. I definitely remembered the character she played in P3, but not the fact that it was Boyle playing her.

And of course, everyone who's seen any of the films remembers the wonderful Zelda Rubenstein, she of the short stature and constant "Stay away from the light, Carol Anne!" proclaimations.

I remembered well enough (spoiler alert!) Zelda's gruesome fate in P3, but... not the specifics.


Knowing the Lara Flynn Boyle of today, she of the tutu Oscar gowns and misshapen duck-lips, I can only say that this moment counts as a camp-must for anyone who'd ever thought they'd like to see Lara Flynn Boyle really earn her paycheck.

Yes, that's Zelda's dessicated midget-corpse that Lara Flynn Boyle's clawing her way out of.

And that's called earning your paycheck.

Here's a tribute site to P3, with all the hullaballoo surrounding star Heather O'Rourke's sad mid-filming demise and the supposed conspiracies about a Poltergiest curse.

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