Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yes, Veronica, There Is A CW


I know this is old news even here, but I thought I should make note that it is truly, honestly OFFICIAL now - Veronica Mars, the bestest show on television right now (since Buffy and Angel went off the air, really), is being picked up by the CW network. Pop the champagne bottles, bitches; it's on!

Veronica will air Tuesday nights after Gilmore Girls, so make sure to put on your estrogen patches that night.

In other television news, I am offically rehooked on Lost. Ever since they put a bullet in that hag Michelle Rodriguez's chest, the show's taken off in my good graces again. Plus, on their previouslies every week, they keep showing her get shot again and again; it's like a wonderful Christmas every week! Last night's episode was complete filler, but it's got me psyched for next week's finale.

Thinking back about this season, I kept feeling as if nothing was happening with regards to story development; like nothing was being revealed about the big piling-up mysteries. But then I realized that they only went into the hatch at the beginning of this season; that everything we've learned about the island - the multiple hatches, the Dharma Initiative, all of it - has happened this season. Thinking about that, I was like, what the hell happened last season? I can't remember them not being in the hatch, pressing the numbers in... so I've changed my tune, and now think this season's had a lot going on. Sorry for complaining constantly, guys!

And thanks again for those constant Michelle Rodriguez death throes - they're a winner!

And as long as I'm rambling about my TV obsessions - Alias is leaving the air on a wonderfully high note. The Return of the Rambaldi Nonsense is wonderful. Plus Amy Acker. Plus Sark. I'm in pig heaven. I am glad it's ending, though. And on a high note... hopefully. Just a few days til the finale, then I'll know if they mean it.

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