Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Up With Chuck


I'm (predictably) a big fan of author Chuck Palahniuk; in fact, I just started reading his last book, Haunted, over the weekend (so far, soooo gross).

Anyway, here's a link to an interesting essay by CP in The Guardian, about a specific brand of horror film he calls "cycle" horror - where the horrific events are destined to happen over and over again (think the final shot of The Shining) and the way this breeds comfort in the audience.

"It's almost as if a victim in a cycle movie is more than a fictional casualty, she's more like a sacrifice to keep the rest of us safe. By witnessing his or her death, the rest of us feel more safe. Like watching the strangers who suffer and die on the television news every night. In hurricanes and rebel insurrections. We've seen the cycle run its course, and this time we weren't the one who drew the wrong lot and had to perish."

Interesting, if not wholly original, stuff.

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um. he's kinda hot.

i did not know this.

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