Thursday, May 04, 2006

Take The Bad


So, in preparing myself mentally for the Ticketmaster induced hysteria of trying to get my Radiohead tickets tomorrow morning, I was doing some online research - not wanting to be duped like I was earlier this week - and I stumble upon this tidbit of info from Pitchfork's article on the tour dates:
"However, there is one small piece of bad news:

"There are no plans for a Radiohead album release any time in 2006," sayeth the press release.

Um... "Boo."? More like, "MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKERS!!!" No new album this year??? What the fuck are they doing in the studio then? Is it some sort of torture-the-fans circle jerk???

Now I need to get those tickets tomorrow even worse. My heart is going to implode from all this pressure.

Ya know, for these guys being my favorite band, they sure do inspire a lot of angst in my life. Maybe I should just start loving Kelly Clarkson. Since U Been Gone... sigh...

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