Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Could Have Told You That


Jake's publicist finally issued a denial about Jake and Austin Nichols being anything more than friends. From NY Daily News:

"Gay fans of Jake Gyllenhaal are determined to claim the "Brokeback Mountain" star as their own. Blogosphere gossips have been claiming that Gyllenhaal was ready to admit he was having trouble quitting actor Austin Nichols, whom he has known since high school. But sorry, guys, there won't be any coming-out party. Even though Jake is now split with Kirsten Dunst and Nichols broke off his engagement to Claire Oswalt, Gyllenhaal's rep says he and Nichols are just friends."

Well, duh. Jake is mine, and everyone knows it! I'm using the theory that everyone is in my head, you see. The sane approach.

They're plainly discussing how to win my heart in the above picture. All I have to say is - Jake, stop being so shy! Just ask me!

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