Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Come With Me...


Starting tomorrow, and going on through Monday, I've been handed the reins - along with several others - to guest-blog for the wonderful Nathaniel R. over at his wonderful site, Film Experience, while he's away.

The world trembles.

Or, at least, I do. Seriously.

I'll still, presumably, have more than enough junk left in my trunk to post right here in the Pants over that course of time... seeing as how my usual run of "Dagnabit! I'm hungry!" and "Look! Jake's taking out his trash!" posts will have no place over there... they'll be left on their rightful throne... right here.

But whatever small word-vomits of wisdom I may have that are film-related - and lord knows I always have plenty - those you can look for over there, in far prettier surroundings.

Do. Look there. Now and forever.

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