Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roger Speaks, I Listen

Well, Roger did an interview with AfterElton about the Crash vs. Brokeback hoopla, and I think I might not hate him anymore. I mean, he's still terribly, horribly deluded about Crash being any good, but he's honest, and I know he's not a homophobe, so... he can have a pass, I guess. At least until he gets blinded by boobs again and gives another horrible movie a good review.

I wanna know who he's talking about in this passage:
"AE: And we've certainly had openly heterosexual men in gay roles.

RE: That's the standard. Oh, it's Robin Williams, so we know he's okay. I think that the first time it happens they'll think they're going to get resistance, but they won't get it. But first you have to give me the hypothetical actor that is homosexual and will play a heterosexual role. But right now if you think of openly gay men who are romantic leads, I'm left with Rupert Everett, and he's getting a little old. You gotta have a guy who looks great. I don't know how long it's going to take. I don't think it will take Hollywood as long to cast a gay man in a straight role as it will for the gay man to come out.

AE: You just think a gay man will be too afraid too risk everything to take that role?

RE: I think it's so. It's going to take somebody with some courage to say, “I am gay.” Now where is that actor? Isn't it very possible that [Actor X, a current star] is gay, but won't come out? [Actor X] always has these roles where they are always by themselves in the world and has these roles where they are best friend, role model, or guru or plays a criminal. But [Actor X] isn't about to come out and probably won't, even though it isn't much of a secret."



er... if it's all the same to you i'll still keep hating on him because he certainly was tireless in helping to defeat Brokeback.

great blog by the way.

Jason Adams said...

Thanks! Though I only aspire to be as entertaining and focused as your site is.

Roger has poisoned my brain since childhood and, dare I say it, I wish I could quit him but I can't.

Ugh, I said that.