Monday, March 20, 2006

Jan Svankmajer

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This weekend I watched Czech director Jan Svankmajer's film Alice, a surrealist take on Alice In Wonderland (well, his surrealist take on an already-very-surrealist story), and was blown away. I've not seen nearly enough surrealist cinema, so I don't have much to compare Svankmajer's work to, but at times it felt like the entire cast of Sesame Street had OD'd on hallucinigens. Using stop-motion, Svankmajer makes literal the surreal, placing the entire trip "down the rabbithole" inside a dank apartment building, where little Alice's imagination turns desktops, doorknobs, and taxidermied animals into a crummy, creepy wonderland unto themselves.

You can watch some (very tiny) clips from the film here. Do it. DO IT!

Now I'm feeling a little voracious with respect to his work, and am throwing it all onto my Netflix. I love my Netflix education!

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