Monday, March 20, 2006

Gondry's Dreams

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Michel Gondry's a genius. So when I say his next film, The Science of Sleep, comes out on August 4th here in NYC, and will be slowly released after that, you'd best, like I just did, mark your calendars.

You can watch a clip from the film right here, and I suggest you do so, because I'll dislike you if you don't. You wouldn't want me to dislike you, would you?

Also, if you're unimpressed with what you do see, I'll probably not like you then, either.

And if you didn't like Eternal Sunshine, I know I hate you already.

So be good. Like what I tell you to. We wouldn't want this to get ugly.


Anonymous said...

Omigod...Don't tell me that you adore Eternal Sunshine? Wait, of COURSE you would. Is it pretentious? Overrated? Check and check. Hehehehe.

Kisses and Hugs,


Jason Adams said...

Suck it, Daly.