Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bits N Pieces

Found this artist, Stephen Berkman, from Boing Boing; I like his stuff muchly:

Great comic about the abortion ban in South Dakota:

Great pic from the Elephant Walk I attended the other night:

If you can't tell, I'm in a bit of a daze this week, hence the lack of any prolific posts the past few days... I can't seem to get my head on straight. Or, at least, as straight as I need it to function at the usual barely-functioning level. No sleep makes J a dull boy.

So everyone, please, pray for my godless soul! You wouldn't want me to end up this guy's bitch:

Would you? Damn, Satan's got some body, doesn't he? I guess there's probably a lot of cardio work involved in dismembering sinners and swallowing eternal souls and what not. I totally ought to check into that, I'm getting a little flabby.

Satan should totally put out a workout tape. "Sweatin To The Abominations"? "Buns of Magma"?

Wow, I'm delirious, aren't I?

1 comment:

Emily Epstein said...

Wow. You're all over the place on this blog, aren't ya!
Nice to hear from ya. I'm good and had fun dragging ilka all over philly, even if it was for only a few hours.
what's new with you? hearing you're shacking up in queens doing your thing.
and honestly, jake over heath? i don't know, man. i think when it comes to man candy, heath takes the cake...