Monday, March 20, 2006


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So the word is official - Brokeback Mountain, THE Best Picture of 2006, is being released on dvd on April 4th...


'Brokeback Mountain' on DVD on April 4

LOS ANGELES - Those who have yet to see "Brokeback Mountain," or those looking to see it again, will soon have a choice — the DVD will hit stores April 4, even with the film still in theatrical release.

That's a rare overlap, said a spokeswoman for DVD distributor Universal Studios Home Entertainment. But, she explained, with the film still riding high on its eight Academy Award nominations and three Oscar wins, its theater run has been extended, bumping into the scheduled DVD release.

The DVD's special features include a profile of Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and interviews with Oscar-winning screenwriters Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana. Oscar-nominated stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal also discuss the rodeo and wrangling training they had to prepare for their roles as the cowboys in love.

The "Brokeback Mountain" DVD is expected to sell for $29.98.

They have some of the info up on Amazon, too. Supposedly they'll be selling it for 20 bucks or so.

Can you hear the high-pitched squealing sound I'm making right now? Because it really ought to be broadcasting around the globe. Two weeks... TWO WEEKS... I'm all a'quiver.

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