Friday, July 29, 2005

Review - Dick

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Instead of my usual pissing and moaning that I pass off for "speak", I'm gonna do something a little different with this "review." While watching the movie Dick last night, I found myself jotting down a bunch of quotes that made me laugh. For the record, Betsy is Kirsten Dunst, Arlene is Michelle Williams, and the President's Secretary is Ana Gasteyer. And here, I quoteth:

Betsy: It's called incest, Arlene. And it's illegal.

Betsy: I mean, Larry's a freak and all... but I'd be sad if he, you know.
Arlene: Died?
Betsy: Yeah.

President's Secretary: The President's dog doesn't... poop. He does his business.

President's Secretary: Oh my goodness! I'm so busy helping the President sometimes I forget about the rest of God's creatures.

Arlene: Dick frightens me!

Arlene: We have a very important school paper on turquoise jewelry due in TWO DAYS and the President is having us followed... it's very stressful.

Alright, well, half of those you have to hear the way the actors delivered the lines, especially Ana Gasteyer, who was hysterical in a very small part. The first quote was the one I started writing quotes down for, because it's a great line and Kirsten's delivery of it was awesome. And there were probably a dozen or more "dick" puns through the movie, and I groaned at every one, but Michelle Williams made me guffaw with the way she said, "Dick frightens me!"

So yeah. It's hard to review a comedy, it either makes you laugh or it doesn't. The best compliment, I think, is that you want to quote lines the next day, and obviously Dick succeeded on that level for me. Dan Hedaya was great as Nixon, too, very funny. And Will Ferrell and Bruce McCulloch as Woodward and Bernstein was a great thing to see a week after watching All The President's Men.

And as much as I keep wanting to loathe Kirsten Dunst for pawing my man, she keeps seeming endearing to me. Slag!

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