Friday, September 08, 2023

Rot This

That there is Rotting in the Sun star and homosexual influencer Jordan Firstman summing up "Today's Mood" pretty well (especially after seeing those Christopher Abbott photos earlier) and so it's convenient Rotting in the Sun is out in theaters today -- two stones, one bird, or whatever. I saw the movie, from nasty baby director Sebastián Silva, back during Sundance at the start of this year -- you can read my review right here. It's nihilistic and mean spirited and horny and I happily slobber down every inch of it. And if you're not in a place where the movie's in theaters, do not fret -- it hits Mubi next week. And see all of my previous posts on the movie, which include the trailer and the noted-boner poster (I so need a copy of the poster), over here. I maintain that Silva is making movies today that feel dangerous and weird and gay as fuck like John Waters and Gregg Araki were back in the day -- viva cinema!

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