Thursday, August 31, 2023

Josh O'Connor Ten Times

More of that Josh O'Connor promotional tour for a movie that doesn't exist (at least not quite yet) has hit today, as a new spread and interview for GQ arrives that has him doing all these tennisy things even though his tennis threesome movie Challengers from Luca Guadagnino got cruelly shoved to 2024 due to the ongoing strikes. There are all sorts of reasons to be furious at the studios for the way they're behaving but this one should make us all the angriest! Thankfully photographs of Josh O'Connor in shorts are here to sooth our souls, temporarily. Hit the jump and sooth your everythings...


VRCooper said...

Loved, loved him in God's Own Country. Yes, he showed dick BUT I loved the story/plot. The story/plot was well written and acted. I am happy to see Josh having continued success.

Anonymous said...

So tired of these quirky gucci hipster aesthetics, but it seems the media love to put it over Josh, Paul, Pedro, Andrew, and others. Was fun for a while when it was fresh, now it's very Zara. As if they all had the same wardrobe.

Having them nude is too much to ask but
1) are there no good stylists anymore?
2) is fashion dead?
3) can't they have more natural portrait photoshoots, wearing their own clothes? They always look better in real life than that.

For years I have been loving the direction of W mag's Best Performances yearly photoshoots, they prove you can show stylish actors in clothes, not bland dummies in products.

Sorry for getting emotional, used to like fashion as a twink.