Friday, February 04, 2022

Good Morning, World

I am running a bit behind this morning because I decided on a last second impulse as I walked past the barber around the corner from my office to swerve in an get my hair cut for the first time in like four months? I'd even mentioned on Monday -- I am sure you're all riveted to this saga so you remember this -- that I was losing my mind with my hair, it was making me insane -- and so here, I can bookend this week with the saga complete. My hair is now cut. And here are two gifs of Burt Reynolds in his underwear in the 1978 film Hooper that I saw somewhere the other day to mark the occasion. I don't know. Just go with it.

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Shawny said...

My grandparents had a picture of BR at the top of the stairs at their house. One day as I was going up the stairs, the light caught it right and I saw a lip print on the glass right over BR's mouth, like whoever did it was wearing lip balm or something. Later the family was all together and we were all laughing and having a good time. So I asked my grandmother if she had kissed the picture and she admitted it.