Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Good Morning, World

Funny enough I have never seen the 2006 film Blind Dating which has Chris Pine playing a blind person falling in love with an Indian woman -- there's actually nothing funny about that, even in the sarcastic tone I intended, it just is. I would be surprised if any of you have seen it though, to be honest. I think you've got to be a serious Chris Pine Stan to've filled this specific slot. 

So... any giant Chris Pine Stans in the house? It's his 40th birthday today and we wish him a happy one -- he's proven super cool over the course of the pandemic, with his stylish masked pap-walks; we do stan a mask wearer, just ask Colin Farrell. He's risen on my Chris Chart thanks to the masks, while Hemsworth has fallen.  


Dame James said...

I have actually seen this! One of my friends in college rented it--I'm not sure why. And this was way before Star Trek came out so none of us were Pine Nuts back then. It's every bit as terrible as it sounds.

joel65913 said...

I've seen it too. It was streaming for free one month or another when I came across it and I figured why not. It wasn't very good but it wasn't awful either. Just sort of there. Chris was adorable though so it had some worth.

Adrian C said...

I mean I watched everything he was in after his first Star Trek, I had a huge crush on him, can't remember if this was any good though.