Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Urban Legend (1998)

Prof Wexler: Had those before?
Brenda: Yeah. They're Pop Rocks; 
they crackle in your mouth.
Prof Wexler: Eat some... thirsty?... 
What's wrong? Something you might have 
heard about mixing Pop Rocks and Soda?
Brenda : Well supposedly your stomach 
and your intestines and everything bursts.

If you'd have asked me in 1998 which member of the cast of Urban Legend would go on to win an Oscar, I definitely would have said Alicia Witt. I mean I was still totally infatuated with Jared Leto in 1998 thanks to My So-Called Life but even I wouldn't have seen that one coming. (Sidenote: it remains a travesty.) But if you'd have asked me in 1998 which member of the cast of Urban Legend would go on to commit vehicular manslaughter, I definitely would've said Rebecca Gayheart. So a happy 49 to her today!

I see on her IMDb page that a new Urban Legend film is in production? One that's got her reprising her role as the "nutty" Brenda Bates (Loretta Devine, aka the best part of the 1998 original, is listed as well) -- if I saw that this was happening previously I totally forgot it. And the most interesting thing is that Colin Minihan is set to write and direct the thing -- Minihan has made some interesting horror films over the past couple of years...

... What Keeps You Alive (reviewed here) was a solid wilderness slasher survival type of movie that was made more interesting by putting a lesbian couple's truly effed up relationship at its center; I've never seen his 2016 zombie flick It Stains the Sand Red but I've heard good things about it. Then there's Extraterrestrial (which he made when he was half of the Vicious Bros), which I saw and reviewed at Tribeca back in 2014, and which the only thing I remember about here six years later is an excruciatingly grotesque anal-probing scene. Not that one ever forgets that sot of thing.

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Astroboymn said...

I've seen IT STAINS THE SAND RED and it's pretty good, worth a watch, says I.