Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Do Dump or Marry: CinemaCon Casanovas

You show me three actors in a row and I'll show you a "Do Dump or Marry" post -- Charlie Hunnam and Henry Golding were in Las Vegas this week to show off Guy Ritchie's new movie (called Bush) at CinemaCon, and for a photo-op they got joined by Black Panther himself Chadiwck Boseman, who was showing off his upcoming action thriller 21 Bridges. And now it's your turn to tell me in the comments who you'd spend a single night with (DO) and who you'd spend not a single night with (DUMP) and who you'd spend every single night for the rest of your lives with (MARRY) -- hurry make it happen before two of them pair up and leave us all in the dust...


Anonymous said...

Do: Golding
Dump: Hunnam
Marry: Boseman

Didn't even break a sweat on this one, TBH.

Jason Adams said...

I wish Charlie would shave!

Spiorad Saor said...

A hard one but, let's say:

Do: Golding
Dump: Boseman
Marry: Hunnam

AxFromMN said...

Do Charlie
Dump Henry
Marry Chadwick

Anonymous said...

Do Golding
Dump Boseman
Marry Hunnam

Carl said...

This one is too hard. But since I hate his beard I dump Charlie, do Golding (too boring to spend a life with), and marry Boseman.

Jason Adams said...

It's weird that I don't like Charlie's beard either since I'm usually so pro-beard but he keeps it so scraggly -- do better, Chuck!

brotherfrancis said...

Do Charlie, maybe more than once!
Dump Golding
Marry Chadwick

DP said...

Do Boseman
Dump Hunnam (it's the beard!)

Anonymous said...

Do Golding (so pretty!)
Dump Hunnam (can be cute but that beard isn't working for me)
Marry Chadwick (it'd be worth it just to see that man get dressed every day because damn he has good style)

JP said...

Do Charlie - with a bag on his head. I don’t like the word dump and I’m already married.

Anonymous said...

Do: Hunnam and Boseman
Marry: Golding so I could look at him every day
Dump: No one, I'm not that strong

squeezit said...

Do/Marry Hunnam - with or without the beard. Swoon. Dump the other two because I'll be too busy with Charlie.

Anonymous said...

What is it with actors that have a gay role background trying to look so hetero? Charlie has the worst or no dressing sense and looks a mess. DUMP him. Do Golding & Marry Boseman. Although not a big fan of any three's looks lol

David said...

Do: Bozeman...then catch my breath.
Dump: Golding
Marry: Hunnam - and get him to shave.