Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I Got Something For Your Face, Motherfuckers

Here is a glorious sentence that I get to speak today to curb the real-world blues a smidge: the Criterion blu-ray of Female Trouble is out now! The disc is gorgeous - I've had it at home for a week and it hasn't come out of the blu-ray player once in that time. I've still somehow managed to hold off on watching all of the special features just yet though - I want to make them last. But what I've watched so far has been toe-tickling. And the restoration of the film itself is so fancy even the Dashers would be impressed. No rats are gonna bite these new nylons! Go buy it now or risk living the sick and boring life of a heterosexual. You wouldn't want that!


Pax Romano said...

Off to Amazon I go, Pig Pork!!!!

Ross said...

Mine just showed up -- can't wait to watch it!!