Thursday, April 05, 2018

Kennedy Cursed Again

My review of Chappaquiddick - the movie out this weekend starring Jason Clarke as Teddy Kenneddey that dramatizes the titular event back in 1969 where Teddy ran his car off a road and a woman ended up dead - went up at The Film Experience last night, read it here, and there are already a couple of comments complaining that it's not really a review of the film but a mass of jumbled thoughts about politics. Thing is, I bring this up because I don't disagree with that assessment!

The film itself is kind of staid, kind of afraid to swing for the fences, and so what ended up being more interesting to me in writing about it - the only thing that inspired me to actually get out some thoughts - is the atmosphere it's being released into, and the interviews that Clarke & director John Curran have been giving where they've been on the defensive with regards to why they made the movie. And yes my thoughts on politics right now are fairly jumbled - the world is fairly jumbled and I don't pretend to have any answers. Anyway go read that if you care, or just stare at these two nice pictures of Jason Clarke for a second and then movie on - either way!

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