Tuesday, September 19, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 1

Okay so I start attending NYFF press screenings today, which means for you people that big chunks of my day, mostly every day, for the next couple of weeks, will be eaten up by me not being here but being inside a theater unable to provide you with your minute to minute updates on what pants Jake Gyllenhaal is wearing today. Oh noes, says the cat hanging off a stick. But instead of just leaving you hanging, which is what I usually do, instead I'm going to share What I Am Seeing Today. (Or try to. We'll see if I manage doing this day in day out.)

I won't actually be reviewing the movies here since I am covering the fest for The Film Experience, and those reviews won't be going up until the fest starts (NYFF runs from September 28th until October 15th). But maybe something I'm seeing will sound good to you and you can try to score tickets to the festival's public screenings if you're in town. Let's share the wisdom...

September 19th 
Before We Vanish (dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is the director of the 2001 film Pulse (we just posted about that movie when the new fancy blu-ray came out) which ushered in the J-Horror boom as much as Ringu or any other titles from that era. He went off and became a fancy man for a few years with movies like Tokyo Sonata but he's been trending back towards his genre roots again lately (last year's Creepy, for example, although I wasn't a fan of that). Before We Vanish is a sci-fi horror film that sounds a lot like an update on Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Lifeforce - three aliens come down from space and start draining humans of their essences.

Before We Vanish screens on September 30th at 9pm and October 1st at 6pm. Right now both screenings are "Standby Only" but NYFF often releases new batches of tickets at random times or even schedules new screenings later in the fest for movies that sell well so follow the fest on Twitter to keep appraised of that.

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