Tuesday, September 19, 2017

10 Off My Head: Siri Says 2007

I wasn't planning on having time to do one of our "Siri Says" series today what with my NYFF screening eating up half of the afternoon, but then I asked my phone for a number and it gave me "7" and I thought I could probably rattle off a list from The Movies of 2007 pretty easily because I already did that before -- 2007 was the first year I tried to do such a thing, right here in this post

But it turns out that 2007 was a really really good year for the movies, you guys, and I kind of couldn't narrow this down to just five. It has to be ten. Hell it could've been 20 I think - there are titles in the runners-up that in a shittier year could've pushed their way to the front. And my list has actually changed a little bit in the 10 years since these movies came out, too. (And yes, all of these movies turn 10 this year.) So here is my revised list.

My 10 Favorite Movies of 2007

(dir. David Fincher)
-- released on March 2nd 2007 -- 

(dir. Brad Bird)
-- released on June 29th 2007 -- 

(dir. William Friedkin)
-- released on May 25th 2007 -- 

(dir. Andrew Dominik)
-- released on October 19th 2007 -- 

(dir. Coens)
-- released on November 21st 2007 -- 

(dir. Frank Darabont)
-- released on November 21st 2007 -- 

(dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
-- released on December 10th 2007 -- 

(dir. Mike White)
-- released on May 11th 2007 -- 

(dir. John Carney)
-- released on June 15th 2007 -- 

(dir. Paul Verhoeven)
-- released on May 18th 2007 -- 


Runners-up: 300 (dir. Zack Snyder), Black Snake Moan (dir. Craig Brewer), I'm a Cyborg But That's OK (dir. Park Chan-wook), 28 Weeks Later (dir. Fresnadillo), Sunshine (dir. ), Superbad (dir. Greg Mottola), Eastern Promises (dir. David Cronenberg), Stardust (dir. Matthew Vaughn)...

... Hot Fuzz (dir. Edgar Wright), Grindhouse (dir. Tarantino & Rodriguez), Michael Clayton (dir. Tony Gilroy), The Golden Compass (dir. Chris Weitz), The Orphanage (dir. JA Bayona), Away From Her (dir. Sarah Polley), Hostel: Part II (dir. Eli Roth), Juno (dir. Jason Reitman), The Darjeeling Limited (dir. Wes Anderson)


What are you favorite movies of 2007?


Anonymous said...

Sweeney Todd
Hot Fuzz

Pedro from Brazil said...

Love the movies you cited. But I would add this bunch as well:

-Les Chanson D'amour (Love Songs)
-Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
-À l'intérieur (Inside) - how is this not on your list?!!
-Jogo de Cena (Playing) - my favorite Brazilian movie and favorite doc and favorite women who lie to themselves movie of all time. A must watch.

joel65913 said...

It was a pretty decent year. Here's my ten:

Death at a Funeral
3:10 to Yuma
Away from Her
La Vie en Rose
No Country for Old Men

par3182 said...

away from her
the darjeeling limited
into the wild
the savages
there will be blood
year of the dog

Anonymous said...

Not enough people talk about or have seen BUG. Such a good unsettling movie.


Anonymous said...

Who is that gorgeous man with the hair falling in his face? What is that from?

JA said...

That's CHARLIE COX in STARDUST of course!!!