Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Kit Harington's Man Hands

We all know that Kit Harington, while proportionally delightfully, is a wee little person. But this new photo-shoot for Elle Men China (via) is making me think there's some sort of digital trickery or fish-eye tomfoolery afoot, because his hands - HIS HANDS!!! They are freakishly enormous looking there, like Frankenstein flyswatters. Is that a thing? Does Kit have man hands? Discuss.


Adam said...

This is the kind of thing Donald Trump's baby hands masturbate to.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Adam and I like to bring politics into every topic because I'm a divisive fucktard with a one track mind.

JA said...

If making fun of Donald Trump is divisive -- DIVIDE ON, commenters, DIVIDE ON. Fuck Donald Trump and fuck anybody who'd get angry at making fun of him. We should turn every topic into a Donald Trump joke until he and his followers crawl back into the sewage they came from.