Monday, August 01, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Fargo (1996)

Norm: They announced it. 
Marge: They announced it? 
Norm: Yeah. 
Marge: So? 
Norm: Three-cent stamp. 
Marge: Your mallard? 
Norm: Yeah. 
Marge: Oh, that's terrific. 
Norm: It's just a three-cent stamp. 
Marge: It's terrific. 
Norm: Hautman's blue-winged teal got the 29-cent. 
People don't much use the three-cent. 
Marge: Oh, for Pete's sake. Of course they do. 
Whenever they raise the postage, 
people need the little stamps. 

Whenever John Carroll Lynch terrifies me - and from American Horror Story to The Invitation (shudder) to Zodiac and beyond, John Carroll Lynch often terrifies me - I just remind myself of Norm Gunderson, painting his birds, and I calm down again. (Mostly.) A very happy 53rd birthday to the great actor today - I hope somebody made him some eggs this morning.


1971 said...

John Carroll Lynch soon to be seen romancing Matt Bomer in Anything. Matt play's a transexual.

Petey said...

He was also great as a guest in that one single episode of The Walking Dead, as the pacifist who mentored Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Clicked on link for Mr. Lynch (iMDB) and was blown away by how much work he gets. I had to keep telling myself also that during his Twisty performance on AHS, he was only Norm from Fargo.