Thursday, January 21, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Ouisa: The girl worked just to stay alive. She was one of those 
armies of people who come to New York filled with dreams, 
and end up on a treadmill, working and working, 
forgetting why they came here. 

 I have posted this quote before but it bears repeating.
Since it floats through my head on a weekly basis, and all.


Kelley Bradley said...

one of my favorite plays - I saw it three times
movie is good too even if Will didn't want to kiss that white boy

Kelley Bradley said...

"another hundred people who got off of the plane
And are looking at us
Who got off of the train
And the plane and the bus
Maybe yesterday."

Rob K. said...

One of the things that makes Six Degrees so great is how it encompasses so much of the various NYC experiences, so much of life. A great movie. Even with stupid irritating Will Smith (who, irritatingly enough, is good in it).

JA said...

Well said, Rob!

And isn't that the MOST annoying thing about WS? How badly you wanna dismiss him totally but then you're like, "Ahh dammit, Six Degrees!" Fucker.