Friday, November 20, 2015

Good Morning, World

Happy 44 to Joel McHale today, who is officially unemployed now that The Soup is ending its run this season. Well except for his big role on the upcoming season of THE FUCKING X-FILES that is. (The X-Files, now renewed, has been renamed THE FUCKING X-FILES, by the way, in case you missed the memo.) In celebration of Joel's tenure on The Soup coming to a close just the other day we celebrated him in his underwear on the Tumblr, in case you missed it. We love you, Joel, but remember to keep getting naked.


Anonymous said...

So from these pics it's pretty clear he wears a hair piece, right?

JA said...

I think he might've gotten plugs, but yes, something is going on or went on up there.

(If it wasn't clear this video is from a long time ago, by the way, towards the start of The Soup, so this is before whatever he did.)