Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...
... celebrating Brando the Fassbender way.
When I posted those pictures of Michael in T Magazine this weekend (click here for those) I missed there was a video of the shoot as well and, well, it was somebody's brilliant idea for Michael to just rest his big ol' bulge right on a picture of Marlon Brando.
Whoever that person was, that person deserves the Nobel Prize. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it was photographer Bruce Weber because come on, he knows what we wanna see.
Like Michael Fassbender smiling at a pair of tighty-whities? Sure okay I don't know if that's what I would've gone with, I might've harassed him into the tighty-whities, but whatever, we'll take this if the other option was off the table.

You can watch the entire video right here. Like I said when I posted the still photographs, it's one of the best shoots Michael's ever done -- he looks fantastic right now. All the better for when he's clutching his Oscar statue in a few months!

ETA One thing I forgot -- in the interview attached to all of this wonderful imagery Michael talks about preparing for an audition he had in drama school, and it went something like this:

"I went to the urinal, and as I was pissing, I saw that someone had written ‘Hi, Cookie!’ on the wall. Those words were staring at me, as I stood there. I had just finished playing the Cook in a production of ‘Mother Courage,’ and I had done it with a Scottish accent. Cook; cookie. ‘I’ll do the Iago monologue in a Scottish accent,’ I decided, even though that wasn’t how I had prepared it… It’s funny. I haven’t thought about that for years and years. I’m not saying what I saw was a sign or anything. But maybe I did sort of take it that way, and that helped me.”"

Michael Fassbender is the first and the last person to bring his penis into any conversation, and nobody forget it. Dude knows what he is doing. Bless him.


Remington said...

Thank you for bringing that video to my attention! I'm such an idiot-I didn't even notice it when I read the article a couple days ago. I'm not really a fan of black-and-white movies (they instantly make me sleepy) but after watching that video, I totally wouldn't mind watching Fassbender in one. ;) And how is it that he's so fucking handsome and manly-looking but then he smiles all cutely and he looks like an innocent little boy? I love it! In a totally non-creepy sort of way. Lol!

Unknown said...

He's a really, really good model, and a lot of actors are not.