Monday, September 21, 2015

5 Off My Head - Stephen King's Horror Hunks

A happy 68th birthday to the master of modern horror Stephen King today! He's churned out more best-sellers than you could fit in the trunk of a thousand demon-possessed Plymouth Furys ever since Carrie dropped way back in 1973, putting more nightmares into the collective human subconscious than probably anybody ever, honestly. Can you imagine the last four decades without his beautiful monsters & mad-women? A ghastly thought, that.

So here in celebration of his gifts, a list! 
Off the top of my head here are 
5 of the hottest guys in Stephen King movies.

Thomas Jane in The Mist

Jeff Fahey in The Lawnmower Man

John Travolta in Carrie

David Strathairne in Dolores Claiborne

Dale Midkiff in Pet Sematary

Hot dudes aren't really what one goes to Stephen King movies for, but they're there if you know where to look. (If I'd added TV adaptations to my choices this list probably would've ended up being 100% "Pictures of Mike Vogel in Under the Dome.")

 So who would make your list?


Ross said...

Jason Beghe is hot, but I don't think Monkey Shines is a Stephen King movie. Are you thinking of The Monkey from Skeleton Crew? Anyways, as a replacement, I vote for William Katt from Carrie. Sure, the hair was a bit much, but his character was such a sweetheart.

JA said...

Gah, right you are, Ross. This list was actually different (no Beghe) when I first posted it but suddenly Beghe popped into my head and yes, I was confusing my monkeys, and I feverishly changed the list to include him. I'll go back to who I originally had in his place then! (I'll edit it in a minute and you'll see.)

FDot said...

I was always partial to Brian Krause in "Sleepwalkers". Maybe that's why I've always liked the film more than its reputation.

Adam said...

Bryan Singer has a list of 5 extras he'd name ahead of these guys.

Asmos said...

I liked Damian Lewis and Timothy Olyphant in Dreamcatcher.

Scot said...

William Katt as Tommy in Carrie
Matt Keeslar as Steve Rimbauer in Rose Red
Gil Bellows as Tommy in The Shawshank Redemption
Thomas Jane & Timothy Olyphant in Dreamcatcher
Brad Dourif in Graveyard Shift

Scot said...

I'm sorry, NOT Brad Dourif in Graveyard Shift, Andrew Divoff in Graveyard Shift! Big Difference!

Anonymous said...

Rob Lowe in The Stand

yinzerella said...

I just watched The Mist last night. Good one!

Ross said...

I approve of David Strathairne! Also good would be Ed Harris in Needful Things and Jamey Sheridan in The Stand.

Prospero said...

You really can't count Lawnmower Man as a King movie. It has nothing at all to do with King's short story and he sued to have his name removed from the movie. That having been said, Fahey is quite gorgeous in it.