Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... sliming Chris Hemsworth.

Since the news broke an entire twelve hours ago I'm sure you've all heard that Chris has landed the role of the receptionist in Paul Feig's upcoming The Gorgeous Ladies of Ghost Busting movie, aka the Annie Potts role. Chris has clearly decided to swivel towards comedy outside of his Thor stuff, judging by this and all that "playing with his giant dick" stuff in the Vacation reboot. 

This seems smart to me! Besides his, you know, impressive physicality (putting it mildly), the best thing about his work on the Thor movies is how much humor he wrings from the God Out Of Place Among Mortals schtick, and he was very funny on SNL too. He's more than just a beautiful pair of breasts, you guys!

That said, this is how he should answer the phone. 
Casual Monday thru Fridays at the Ghostbusting office!

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Dave S said...

Thought Billy Eichner would have been good for this, but my new guess is they wanted a big action star to be stuck behind a desk the whole time while the lady ghostbusters go get shit done. If so, that's not a bad shtick.