Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Do you think I'm playing with you, Channing Tatum? I am not playing with you. The new trailer for Magic Mike XXL is here and... you guys. You guys! There is BARELY any skin in it. They've gone and made it look like it's one of Channing's Step Up movies about dancers or some shit and don't you get all Nomi-Malone on me with "I'm not a stripper, I'm a dancer!" we are most certainly here for tits and ass, of the male variety, and this is not delivering.

Dude I'm not even bothering to properly cap this thing, or post it here. You can watch it at this link, but I suggest you go back and watch the earlier trailer, which didn't condescend to us for wanting the proper tits and ass in the proper place, aka in the male stripper movie. Matty, you know what I'm talking about.

The only hope I have is that this trailer is only a minute long so maybe it's a condensed version of a fuller one to come...? The movie's Instagram says the full trailer's supposed to be here on Wednesday, so let's hope this is just a tease - a cockless cocktease - and the sun (aka Joe's bare ass) will come out tomorrow.


mangrove said...

But yet you only had kind words for the Chocolate City one where every stripper was wearing pants the whole time!!! Nothing but freaking pants... As far as the eye could see...

I get the pants on the MMXXL character posters because prudishness in public spaces. But PANTS in the CC trailer??? The hell?

Jason Adams said...

LOL how DARE you call out my hypocrisy, mangrove! ;)

I hadn't even really noticed that time around but you are right aren't you? I guess everybody in CC's new to me so seeing their pecs and abs felt novel and exciting, while the XXL folks -- I've seen their junk already, they gotta up their game! Or something.

AG said...

I'm so glad you wrote this JA. I was afraid the backroom boys were going to censor as much skin in the sequel as possible and there it is.