Friday, May 01, 2015

And Now Finally, Sufjan

I'm finally seeing Sufjan in concert tonight! I mean I've seen Sufjan in concert a thousand times in my life, but not yet for the tour he's on for his latest album (slash masterpiece) Carrie and Lowell. I had to bail on the first one he did in town (even though I had tickets) a few weeks ago. I've avoided all the videos floating around from this spate of shows, so I'm going in fresh and clean, unaware of what he's got in store. I assume it'll be a slightly more restrained affair than the neon lunacy that accompanied his live Age of Adz stuff a few years back. Have any of you guys seen him this time around? Don't worry, I brought tissues. (For crying, pervs.) Have a good weekend, everybody!

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Sean said...

Enjoy the show!