Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Steve: Special people? 
Dawn: Yeah. 
Steve: Do you know what "special people" means? 
Dawn: What? 
Steve: Special people equals retarded. 
Your club is for retards. 

Call me flabbergasted and slap me fucking silly, i can't even believe I've never done this quote for this series before.How is that anywhere approaching possible? And yet it is true, the archives do not tell a lie. Back in 2008 when we celebrated "Special People Day" -- yes, that's a thing we did, and you'd be smart to click on that link -- I posted the quote in a list called "5 Off The Top Of My Head - Random Quotes From Peripheral Characters In Welcome to the Dollhouse" but the fact that this quote's never been properly added to the pile of Life's Many Fruitful Lessons is... well it's what "special people" means. Point being...

... Steve Rodgers, aka Eric Mabius, is turning 44 today!


John said...

Maybe now I have a reason to watch this

FrankJath said...

What movie is the pic above of Eric Mabius?

Jason Adams said...

Something called Wirey Spindell