Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Am Link

--- Jungle Fever -  Like chocolate and peanut butter, like the Captain and Tenille, here are two flavors that go awesome together - a mother- fucking velociraptor and Chris Pratt with big bulging forearms and a tight pair of trousers. S'all ya need! Director Colin Trevorrow tweeted that Jurassic World picture out yesterday - well I doubt it's actually a shot from the movie since it's silly, them standing side by side looking into the camera and what not, but you get the idea.

--- Seth's Side - Unless something even more bonkers happens regarding The Interview today I think I'll lay off the horn for now, after going at it all morning - but here, let me link to this interview with Seth Rogen at the Village Voice, which was conducted before all this nonsense busted out but will probably be the last thing you read of this sort until he and Franco make whatever move they make next to talk about all of this.

--- First Peak - Lotsa horror-tinged things today - The Playlist has got the first official image of Jessica Chastain in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming gothic-horror piece Crimson Peak, and she looks spookily smashing. (Although the over-saturated bluse-green thing... might be a little played out?) We did see some shots of the actors (besides Chastain we're talking Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Charlie Hunnam) on the set too, you might recall. The movie's out in time for Halloween next year.

--- Flamingo King - With all the John Waters related things that I've done (I've seen him do multiple Q&As, I've seen him introduce Final Destination, I've seen his Christmas Show and I've seen him kiss Joel Grey on the cheek at an art gallery) you'd think I'd have seen one of his art shows by now but I have not, I am a failure. But not for long - he's got a show opening at a gallery in January, huzzah! Here's Vulture talking about John's life in the art world in general, which alerted me to this news.

--- Webby One - Will any more news be released via all of those Sony email leaks or did cutting off the movie's release stop that up? Last interesting tidbit I heard was that the studio's working things out with Marvel on the character of Spider-Man, that he'll probably show up in one of their next movies (perhaps the third Captain America even), and that they're talking about recasting Andy Garfield with Logan Lerman.

--- Just Dandy - I already linked to one interview with American Horror Story's Finn Wittrock yesterday but this one at Buzzfeed was conducted by my pal Jarett, which brings me exactly one degree away from Finn now, so clearly I have to double-dip.I liked last night's AHS a lot (Pepper!) but man when Finn's not onscreen I'm always just waiting and waiting for him to show up.

--- After Birth - Major Spoilers ahead but if you've seen The Babadook by now (and you really really really have no excuse for not having seen The Babadook by now, you guys) you'll definitely want to read this terrific piece at Grantland dissecting the ways in which the film shakes up the idea of the Mother figure in horror movies in fascinating ways. I concur!

--- The Year One - Over at The Film Experience Nathaniel's taking a look at all 25 movies that just got added to the National Film Registry, which includes (I can't believe it wasn't there already) my favorite movie of all time, Rosemary's Baby. All of them witches!

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