Thursday, October 02, 2014

Stay Inside With Daniel Radcliffe

When I bitched and moaned yesterday about all of the groovy junk coming up that I was missing out on I included the screening tomorrow night of Alexandre Aja's movie Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe, at IFC Center for their so-called "Super Week" in conjunction with New York Comic-Con. But my bitching slash moaning was all for nothing much, because it turns out it's being released onto VOD tomorrow too!

In fact, according to that link, several of the movies they're showing this weekend will be out on VOD before the end of the month - VHS Viral and the Dead Snow sequel and the Nicky Hoult movie with Michael Shannon. Lars von Trier's complete cut of Nymphomaniac is apparently out today, although I haven't checked. Also titles like Nacho "Timecrimes" Vigalando's Open Windows with Elijah Wood as well as Listen Up Phillip, an excellent film with Jason Schwartzmann and Elisabeth Moss that's playing the NYFF that I will probably be reviewing for The Film Experience soon.

And that link doesn't mention A Good Marriage, the Steven King adaptation with Joan Allen, but I have it written in my calendar as hitting VOD tomorrow too. So basically what I am saying is if you never want to leave the house ever again, we gotcha. Let's all rot into our couches together, hooray!

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