Monday, May 12, 2014

The Boy-Men Next Door

I guess I needed to get one last Efron Vs. Rogen thing out of myself because I'm asking you to choose between the chappies of Neighbors for this week's Beauty Vs Beast over at The Film Experience. I saw the movie yesterday and a good time was had by me, some of the time. Most of the time? It's pretty funny, you get to see Dave Franco's bare ass, and Rose Byrne is as always a joy. I don't know that I'll remember very much of it even within a few weeks, but I do give it credit for allowing its characters to be ever so slightly more than caricatures - there are real emotional stakes for most everybody, even if it does now and then escalate things beyond the realm of sanity.

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Scot said...

Don't stop posting about Neighbors on my account! As long as you post pictures like the ones I've been drooling over, I'm fine with it.