Monday, March 24, 2014

Americano, Mericano, Mericano

Don't worry, in a couple days I'll be gone and you won't have to roll your eyes at me finding excuses to talk about Italy anymore... well at least until I'm back from Italy, when I'll probably yap about it some more. But until then - hey look more Italy! I found a way to work my trip into this week's edition of "Beauty Vs. Beast" over at The Film Experience - we're tackling The Talented Mr. Ripley's main men this round. And while you guys go vote on that... I'm gonna go to Italy. Whee!


Murtada said...

Dickie all the way. But even more I'd choose Meredith Logue... you know of the textiles Logue.

Here's more of Carol :

Anonymous said...

i hope you have sex with someone as hot as jude law while youre in italy.. but be careful please.