Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 13 Snakes of Halloween #4

"Snake surprise!"

Snakes play a huge part in the legacy of Indiana Jones - they're the one thing that really get to Indiana for one, so Spielberg stuffs them into many a nook and cranny (and skeleton orafice). But I think he reaches the apex of exploiting Ophidiophobia with this scene here.

Dear lord, woman - why would you ask that question???

There are two possible reactions here. There is this:

And there is this:

I am most assuredly with Short Round on this one.

According to this site here, a boa constrictor stuffed with baby eels is not actually a real food item - it was made up for the script. It's basically just kind of an imaginary Indian version of Turducken though, right? What would you call it? Boeelen?

#1 - Anaconda

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CK said...

I always thought it was one of the species of live-bearing snakes and those were baby snakes. Also, this scene and the goat eyeball scene in "Octopussy" were the subject of many childhood nightmares.